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Individual yoga therapy

When a client comes to me for individual yoga therapy, he or she enjoys my complete attention for the entire session. And when I can pay undivided attention to someone, I start to notice things: patterns of movement, patterns of breathing, attitude towards the body, subtle reactions to what I say, and connections between these patterns. And when we start to notice the important patterns, the ones that are actually behind the symptoms, then we can do something about them and change starts to happen. 

One session takes typically 1.5 hours long, in some cases we can also work with 1 hour sessions.  

By the nature of yoga therapy – we are working with the body, the mind, and the breath -, this is a trajectory of several sessions.

An an indication: 
– structural pain, such as that of the back, neck, shoulder or hip: 3-5 sessions
– high blood pressure: 5-10 sessions
– burnout, chronic anxiety, depression, panic attacks: 8-12 sessions
– infertility: min 5 individual sessions
– cancer, autoimmune disease, degenerative disease: 5-10 sessions or longer; long term self-care remains essential. 

After the initial individual coaching you may choose to continue with individual sessions or join group lessons. 

Holistic intake (60-90 minutes): 30 euro

Physical and breathing evaluation (90 minutes): 95 euro

Individual sessions
    – 60 minutes: 70 euro
    – 90 minutes: 95 euro

Trajectory of 5 sessions (90 minutes): 450 euro

Trajectory of 10 sessions (90 minutes): 850 euro

We all too often underestimate the connection between body and mind, though they are so inherently linked, through the nervous, hormonal, and immune systems and also through our breathing. The body and the mind have an impact on each other both top down and bottom up, as though they are in constant communication. But in our Western society we tend to dissociate the mind and the body, which doesn’t only lead to health issues, but it also leads to making it more difficult to heal.

According to Hans Selye “it is not to see something first, but to establish solid connections between the previously known and the hitherto unknown, that continues the essence of scientific discovery”. And not only of scientific discovery, but also discovery about the human being.

Yoga therapy in an individual setting allows for the discovery of such connections. Conventional medicine is naturally the first place where one seeks help and is absolutely necessary, but due to its reductionist nature (one symptom, body part or organ gets attention at a time) and the short time available (generally 15 minutes during a consultation), it cannot spot those subtle yet such important details and connections. Which then makes yoga therapy as complementary health care relevant. Perhaps easiest to illustrate this through a couple of examples. In case you are interested to read further, click here:

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