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What is yoga therapy?

Yoga therapy is where “East meets West”: we combine the ancient Eastern practices of yoga with modern Western scientific knowledge. Yoga therapy is a new form of therapy, in which yogic exercises (poses, breathwork, meditation and relaxation) are applied to relieve physical and mental health symptoms. Yoga therapy is a strong yet slow medicine, best applied to chronic conditions. 

The therapy starts with a comprehensive intake interview, followed by a physical and breath assessment. This provides a broad-spectrum view of the health of the individual and what may be out of balance. Lifestyle is also discussed. Such a holistic approach allows us to work in an effective and safe manner. 

Yoga therapy can help in the following cases:  

  • Chronic pain of the back, neck or shoulder, generalized  pain such as fibromyalgia.   
  • Mental difficulties, e.g. burnout,  anxiety, depression, or panic attacks. 
  • Chronic functional disorders such as high blood pressure, infertility, or long COVID. 
  • Degenerative nervous system disorders such as Parkinson’s and MS. 
  • Dysfunctional breathing patterns, such as reverse breathing, asthma, hyperventilation, COPD.
  • Immune-system related disorders, such as autoimmune diseases and cancer. 

yoga therapy

Yoga therapy
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