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Hatha yoga lessons in Ternat

Hatha yoga

Every Tuesday at 20.30. These lessons are held in Dutch language!

This is a balanced hatha yoga lesson, with pranayamas (breathing exercises), asanas (yoga postures) and relaxation. In my lessons I place a lot of attention to interoception (feeling what’s happening in the body), with balance between challenge and rest, flow and pause – holding and letting go. Through these yoga lessons you will learn to make a connection between body and mind, while you are also building physical strength and flexibility. I consider core strength very important, hence it is always integrated in the lessons. Due to my background in yoga therapy, safety in alignment is a priority. I offer variations to the postures, so you can do them at your own level, according to your own capabilities.

Have you never done yoga before? No problem – yoga can be practiced by (almost) anyone. It doesn’t matter how strong or flexible you are, you can build it up, at your own speed. Too much flexibility is never the objective, we respect the healthy range of motion of the joints and ligaments. Women and men are equally welcome.

Do you have an illness or do you have chronic pain? Please contact me and we will assess together whether hatha yoga in a larger group, or whether yoga therapy might be better suited for you. 

Practical tips:

Best not to eat for two hours prior to the lesson – the asanas impact your stomach. 

Please bring your own mat, and wear a comfortable, sporty outfit. You are welcome to bring a blanket for relaxation, and any other props you might need for your personal comfort, such as a towel or meditation cushion. Socks or shoes are not necessary for yoga.  

It is not necessary to book your spot, but please be present a few minutes before the start.

Hatha yoga group lessons

Sportcentrum Ternat – Danszaal,   Van Cauweleartstraat 40, 1740 Ternat

Tuesdays from 20.30 until 21.40

Price: Drop-in 12€, pass of 10 lessons 100 € (doesn’t expire), trial lesson gratis

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