Erkende Yogatherapeut

Walking meditation

Yogatone - Life is a balance of holding and letting of holding and letting go

Walking meditation is such a treat! I recall when I first heard about it, I was wondering what it was all about: meditation should be done in a seated position in stillness I thought? How could you walk and meditate at the same time?  But then I realized that you can actually perfectly meditate while moving. In … Read more

Client stories

Perhaps the best way to illustrate what yoga therapy actually can do is via real stories. The people and stories described below were clients who came to me in the past years with different types of problems. The names are changed for privacy reasons.  Els had a mysterious cough, which started every time she was … Read more

What is restorative yoga?

One may argue that all yoga is restorative, and it will probably be true. Yoga in its essence helps to improve your body functions and helps your mind to come to rest. As captured in the yoga sutras, “Yoga is the cessation of the turnings of thought”, this is what any yoga practice is essentially … Read more

I’ve arrived

Yogatone gaat over de toon, de dialoog – om jou te helpen de connectie terug te vinden tussen lichaam en geest…

In my whole life I’ve been someone with loads of ideas to do, plans, dreams. A day is never enough, there are so many great things to do (and also so many tasks that just need to be done). I tried a lot of different sports when I was young, from gymnastics through basketball to … Read more